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Are you looking for your dream-horse?

You are on the right track!

Honesty and trust are not empty phrases for me. I won’t make you buy a pig in a poke. You can rely on my frankness and openness – I will provide you with all the available information about the horses. If they have any restrictions or bad habits, I won’t forget to mention it. I always try my best to find “the right one”. I believe that horse sale can be fair.

I’ve been working at the horse market for about 20 years and I have plenty of satisfied clients around the world. I am happy to welcome new ones every year.

I offer sale horses on behalf of carefully selected breeders, trainers and private owners. I have visited, checked and tried all horses (without exception) for you, I even tried most of them under saddle for you – so that I can provide you with the most exact information about their history, rideability, nature, behavior and scope.On my website, I don’t present a single horse without having seen it in advance.

All horses listed on my website were carefully vetted by an independent and high-qualified veterinarian. We usually perform a basic set of x-rays. X-rays can be mailed to you in advance so that you can discuss them with your vet. Any additional views or examination needed? No problem. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Before we make out a concrete appointment, contact me (preferably by e-mail) and write me about your preferences and visions.

Tell me about your riding skills and ambitions: How long have you been riding? How tall / old are you? Do you have any show-experience? Do you need a safe horse to have fun with or are you looking for a horse with a lot of scope for the “big sport”? In which price-range do we search?

As soon as we have these questions answered, we will make up the list of horses to see together. The horses are not located at the same place, but there are usually close to each other so you can easily try more of them within 1-2 days.

It doesn’t matter if you decide to visit us or purchase the horse via video – I am here for you to answer all your questions.

And don’t worry about the language – if you decide to come, I will await you at the agreed meeting point and come along with you for all the  time. Would you like to stay for 2 or more days? No problem! I will suggest you some cozy hotels in our surroundings and provide you with some highly valued recommendations for sightseeing, shopping or dining.

As soon as we find out your dream horse, I will organize all the necessary documents and formalities, provide you with the sales contract in your language and if needed, I will help with shipping as well.

Any more questions? Feel free to ask anytime !

Tereza Bezroukova

Would you like to sell your horse?

I can give you a hand!

As mentioned above I do not want to present any horses without having seen them in advance. But despite it, I welcome horses from neighbouring countries in my offer.

Are you considering to offer your horse for sale but don’t  want to waste your time with publishing dozens of advertisements and communicate with potential clients?  Do you not possess the necessary equipment to make photos and videos in required quality? Do you not have enough time or skills to train and present your horse properly? Bring it to us – I will provide you with the full service on the highest level !

I’ve been working with couple of professional riders with plenty of experience up to highest classes in show-jumping and dressage ring, as well as in education of youngsters. Together we will train and get your horse ready for the sale, arrange photos, videos and vet check and will try our best to sell it as soon as possible. Welfare of the horse is the highest priority for us.

Feel free to contact me for more information.


Feel free to ask!Ikona